Field Trip! Pt. 2

As promised... part deux :)

After the Science Museum we headed over to Burger Moe's (a place Tim and I found while at the MACHE convention - we ate there three times during that trip because it's just.that.good!).  It was good to be back! :)  This time, we met the owner.

my burger w/o a bun, and sweet potato fries.  yum!

free birthday dessert.  "Moe" was kind enough to bring one out for every kid at the table, not just the birthday boy. :) it did not disappoint!

Walking to the car in the parking ramp of the museum, Alex asked if it would be possible to go walk around outside Target Field and see some of the statues and stuff they missed out on the first time they went to a game.  We agreed -- what we didn't tell him was that we already had tickets for the game. :)  It was so much fun surprising them all by walking through the gate after checking out the statues!
1st view of Target Field from the skywalk

kids in the golden glove

birthday boy

our view of the field

are we having fun!?

there's the smiles!

mom and the birthday boy (had to prove I was there too! LOL)
Long day, late night, but TOTALLY worth it!

In the midst of all of this, Chase was feeling pretty punk.  He woke up with a sore throat in the morning, and we gave him Tylenol for the discomfort.  By the time we finished at the Science Museum he wasn't doing so hot.  I walked from Burger Moe's to the nearest pharmacy and bought some more pain reliever. He perked up for the game, but was ready for bed by the time we left the field.  Found out the next day that both he and Shiloh had strep, bringing the household strep count for the week to 4.  Everyone is feeling better now after their rounds of antibiotics.

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