A New Home

Not for us... though we are considering our many options at this point!

Radar was ours for a year.  He was a sweet dog, but because of ever-growing children (size and amount.  LOL) which in essence was decreasing our space, and the fact that he couldn't be outside unless he was tied, we felt it would be more fair to him if he had a new home.  One where he had more space, and would be able to run.

A couple from our church came last Monday (day after Mother's Day) and picked him up.  Their children are grown, and while both had dogs as children, they haven't had one since they married (if I remember right, that was about 40 years ago!).  So, they decided it was time.  They are fencing their yard for him, and I can already tell he will be well-loved and cared for in their home... and probably a bit spoiled. ;)

We are so grateful that Radar has a new home, and he's not too far away (several blocks) so we can stop over and visit from time to time.  His new family also lives on Tim's bike route to and from work, so he sees him briefly almost daily.

Goodbye, Radar!  Congrats on your new home.

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