A couple weeks ago, Levi had a fever for a day.  It put him on the couch.  He threw up.

Several days later, Chase had a fever for a day.  He napped in between doing school.  He went to bed early.

Saturday, Victory had a fever for the day.  She was on the couch all day.  She was feeling better on Sunday, but had a sore throat.

Today we did strep tests on four kids.  Two of them tested positive.  Victory was one... Jericho was the other.

Jericho never did have a fever.  Sometime last week the kids picked apple blossoms from a neighbors tree.  Later in the afternoon Jericho developed hives.  We gave her Benadryl and tossed out the blossoms, giving kids strict instructions not to pick more.

Last night at supper, Jericho was incredibly cranky.  She went to bed cranky.  About 3 hours later, she woke up cranky.  I brought her upstairs because she had a dirty diaper, but I also realized she was covered front and back in hives again.  Hmmm.  Maybe it wasn't the apple blossoms? More Benadryl, and off to bed she went.  Woke this morning looking fine (but a bit sleepy).

The doctor decided to run the strep test on her since strep can cause hives (and Victory's test had already shown a positive).  You learn something every day!

In other news... Alex's eye gets more colorful every day.  I'll post pics of that soon. :)

Today, Phoenix has started running... mostly because it gives him more time to get into mischief before someone can catch him and pull him away. ;)

We have a "field trip" coming up on Wednesday that I'm looking forward to posting about later in the week.

Happy Monday, all!  Enjoy the sunshine, and have a great week. :)

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Karri said...

Glad we didn't plan something after all. ;) Hope your family is feeling better soon! <3