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Taken this morning
Get's more colorful by the hour ;)
Wednesday night was the last day of RAD... family night, dinner and a movie, gift bags. We decided a few days before that we would stay home and have our own family night.  Pizza was on the menu (RAD dinner was spaghetti... too messy, and we have a few that can't eat it anyway) and we figured we'd play a board game or something after eating.

After supper clean up was nearly done.  Tim and I were doing some last minute things, and deciding what game we would play.  Alex and Chase headed outside.  We decided since it was so nice we'd skip the board game and play a game of kickball in the backyard.  Then there was some commotion at the front of the house.

We heard that laughing/crying that says "it hurts, but that was hilarious!" and just let it go... and then the real crying started.  Chase.  He has a tendency to over-react, and since they started out laughing we still figured it wasn't too bad.

A few minutes later, Alex came in the house whimpering and holding his face, and lay down on the couch (face down).  I hadn't seen his face at that point and inquired as to whether he was bleeding.  He said he didn't know and I told him he'd better get off my couch!  LOL  I called him over and told him to move his hands.  Then I sucked in my breath rather loudly and requested that Tim get an icepack.  Oh boy.

Apparently, Alex was running one way around the house, and Chase was running the other.  They met, in the air, at the corner of the house.  Alex remembers running, and then being on the ground, but doesn't recall seeing Chase.  Chase saw Alex and says he closed his eyes.  He also says Alex must have seen him because he yelled "Woah!" right before they hit.

Chase's forehead, Alex's eye.  Chase's knee, Alex's calf.  Alex's knee, Chase's thigh.  Alex is still limping a bit (deep muscle bruise), but Chase is fine.  And, as you can see, Alex's eye/face absorbed the most impact.  His 14th birthday pics next week will be cute. ;)

Tim said maybe we should have just played Monopoly.  He also informed the boys that if they are going to do that again to let him know so he can get it on video and we can at least make some money out of the deal. LOL

Our doctor friend was here this morning to take a look at the eye and assured us that it's all fine.  Just need to continue icing occasionally for a few more days.  And once again we prove that things are never dull around here. :)


Anonymous said...

I can't even look at him without hurting!! OUCH! Poor guy…

Karri said...

Tim would say/do that, wouldn't he. What a guy. :P

That just looks PAINFUL, though. Poor guy.