Field Trip! Pt. 1

We got on the road about 9 am.  I have to admit to sleeping most of the way to the Cities. ;)  Levi was so impressed with all the large buildings, the tunnels, and the many roads.  Tim was less impressed with having to drive those roads...

We got to the Science Museum, bought our tickets, and had a few minutes to look around the Mississippi River Gallery.  Then we headed to our scheduled visit to the Real Pirates exhibit.  They had listening devices (press the number, then hold it to your ear to hear about a specific piece of the exhibit).  I was worried Levi wouldn't really "get" that part, or that it would be boring for him, but he was the one who ended up pointing out each new audio site. :)

At different points throughout the exhibit there were volunteers who gave more information.  One of those covered navigation tools used by the pirates, and how they worked.  Everyone enjoyed learning about that one. :)  Tim said it was the highlight of the exhibit for him.
learning about navigation

After the pirate exhibit it was time for lunch.  We ate at "Chomp", a deli located near the Dinosaurs and Fossils Gallery.  Of course, after lunch, we checked out the dinosaurs.  I love a good opportunity to talk to my kids about how fossils formed without the benefits of the hundreds of millions of years scientists always talk about (the "ocean" that once covered MN:  you've heard of Noah and the flood, right? *wink*).

Next stop was the Omnitheater for a showing of "Under the Sea".  Awestruck.  That would describe the reaction from the kids (especially Victory and Levi) when that giant screen folded out in front of us. :)

The rest of our visit was spent mostly in the Collections Gallery, and the Experiment Gallery.  Didn't take long and it was 5 pm!  Hard to believe how quickly the day passed!

Kid's favorites from the Science Museum?  Alex, Levi, and Victory all vote for the Omnitheater.  Chase liked the giant pterodactyl skeleton hanging above the main entrance. :)

Don't miss Pt. 2 - coming soon! :)

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