For a long time I've intended to blog about Tim's weigh loss journey.  Tim pointed out on Sunday (we began this post nearly 3 weeks ago...) that January 6 was the two year anniversary of the medical physical that started it all.  We planned to sit down Monday (while he had a paid snow day because of the extreme cold here) and get this done, but somehow the day (and the next 3 weeks!) got away from us.

Here are some pictures from past years.  People who went to school with us, or knew us before we moved to St. Cloud, will remember Tim like this.  Everyone who has met us since we moved to St. Cloud remembers Tim like this.  Even I still think of him like this sometimes... until I look at him. ;) (Story continues below...)

April 2006
Easter 2006
June 2006 (with Levi)
May 2009
December 2010
13 year class reunion

At the beginning of January in 2012 Tim went in for his first medical physical in years.  One thing that prompted him to go was his weight.  He knew something needed to give.  Over the years he had tried adjusting his eating habits, he was very active in his job, but no matter what he did the weight seemed to stick (or even increase).

There were physical issues that were beginning to crop up.  One in particular was symptoms similar to those of a diabetic when glucose levels run low.  He would get very pale, often feeling like he was going to pass out, and would need to rest and eat something sugary before he would start feeling better.  Constant heartburn was the bane of his existence.  He was going through antacids like crazy.  He had also been diagnosed with sleep apnea and used a CPAP while sleeping.  Prior to the diagnosis and use of the machine he would snore horribly and I would hear him stop breathing for short periods of time.  NOT a pleasant experience!  He was run down, tired, no matter how much he slept.

We discussed all these issues with the doctor and he let her know he really wanted to work at losing weight.  She suggested an app he could use with his iPhone called LoseIt!.  LoseIt! can be used online as well.  To begin she wanted him to simply eat as he had been, while logging everything on the app for the first week or two.  It only took about 2 days of logging to discover the major issue... Even though he'd been cutting back portion sizes for a while, his calorie consumption was MUCH too high.

After seeing those results he immediately cut back further.  The app allows you to set a goal and then gives you a calorie limit for the day in order to reach that goal.  That goal can be adjusted if necessary (for instance, I used it while pregnant and simply added 300 calories to my daily goal to provide for the baby's needs).  He was hungry for about 6 weeks, but stuck with it.  At this point he hadn't weighed in since the physical (292 lb.) because he was afraid he wouldn't lose anything and would get discouraged and quit.

The first time he stepped on the scale - about the 6 week mark - he was down nearly 20 pounds!  If he was beginning to lose motivation to continue, that took care of it.  After that he did weekly weigh-ins and was consistently losing 3-5 pounds a week.  (Side note:  It really stinks that guys can shed weight so much more quickly - in general - than women can.  Yes, I hated on him a little.  LOL)  His current weight hovers between 175-180 pounds.

Along with the reduction of calories, Tim took up cycling.  It began with the thought that he would get a bike so he could commute to work when the weather was nice.  It very quickly became an obsession, erm... a passion. ;)  He cycled to work as often as the weather allowed, and began taking 10-15 mile rides once or twice a week.  Now his "fun rides" are 18-45 miles long (I'm not kidding, he thinks 45 miles on a bike is FUN! Ugh -- and check out the caption on the final picture of this post!).  He purchased studded tires for what has become his commute bike, bought cold weather gear, and until the recent spat of sub-zero temps was commuting to work every day - even when it was zero.  Again, ugh!  His second (newer, better) bike spends the winter in the basement on the trainer.  He would LOVE to ride more often, but manages a couple 45 minute "rides" each week.

So there you have it... it really IS diet and exercise.  Sorry.  No short cuts. ;)

Sept '12
Oct '12
The "before" picture here is from the church staff pictures taken about 5 years ago.  The "after" was taken in April '13 right after he shaved off his beard. :)

May '13
Tim said when he looks at the photo above he thinks, "Huh, some random guy ended up in that picture."

Oct. '10
On the North Shore
May '13
On the North Shore
Aug '13
Feeling great after a SEVENTY-ONE MILE RIDE!!
He rode from our home in St. Cloud all the way to Pillager.

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