Today I am thankful for... (#6 & #7)

Why is it that I'm having such a difficult time doing one post every day?  LOL  Today is another twofer...

#6) I am so very thankful for God's gift of reconciliation.  Specifically, I am thankful that he restored my marriage to Tim.  Words are not enough to explain how blessed I am to have Tim in my life.  He loves me, even when I'm crazy.  He helps out around the house without "keeping score" -- laundry, dishes, cleaning, childcare, and more are done with a willing spirit.  He works hard to earn a living, keeping us fed and clothed with a roof over our heads.  And did I mention that he loves me despite my insanity? ;)

#7) I am thankful that Tim was able to lose a substantial amount of weight, and has kept it off for more than a year.  He's a great guy (see #6) and I like the idea that he'll be around for a lot longer now that he's living a much healthier lifestyle!

Did I mention he's also a great dad? :)

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