Today I am thankful for... (#3)

I had a few things in mind to post today, but I'm going with good health.  So many around me are/have been sick lately with really *yucky* bugs.  Even several of our kids were hit, though not nearly as bad as I've heard from friends... Through it all I have remained healthy (despite a bout of mastitis which left me feeling a bit *off*).

But that's just the small picture.  Looking at the big picture we (Tim, me, and the kids) have all experienced good health.  There are no *big* issues we've had to deal with.  I truly am grateful for the blessing of good health.

Back to the small picture... living in small quarters certainly increases the risk that we will all be exposed to a bug once it's brought in.  In 11 years living in this house, with only one bathroom, we have rarely had instances where an illness requiring frequent use of the bathroom hit, and when it did happen it was never more than one or two people at a time.  God knows our circumstances, and He cares -- even about GI junk. ;)

Thank you God for your provision for us in regard to our health.  My prayer is that even the "small picture" stuff would be minimal for the rest of this season that brings so much illness to so many.  We are reminded how blessed we are on a regular basis as we see the suffering of those around us.  My hope is that I will know how to be a blessing and a help to those who need it when they are ill -- whether it be with "small picture" stuff or the really big stuff.

(I don't feel like I'm doing a great job putting my thoughts into words here.  I hope that I am understood despite my lack of articulation.)

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