New Years and Netflix

Last night was our big New Year celebration... I fell asleep with the baby on the couch at 8pm while Chase watched a movie.  Apparently Tim sent Chase to bed at 10pm and followed soon after.  I woke up about 12:15am and headed down to bed with Tempe.  And that was our big celebration.  LOL

Levi and Alex were at Grandpa and Grandma's.  Levi stayed up until about 10:30 playing games and putting together a puzzle with Grandma.  They all watched a Ken Davis DVD, and then Alex stayed up with Grandpa to watch the ball drop.

This afternoon Levi and Alex came home.  We had Subway for supper, courtesy of Grandpa, and then visited for a bit before Gpa and Gma headed home.  Then the kids sat down to watch "Turbo".  Most of them watched it yesterday as well, but Levi and Alex had missed out everyone watched again.

Several months ago we got rid of cable and just use Netflix for all our TV viewing.  It's a much cheaper option for us, and I love that there are never any commercials to deal with!

This is what movie viewing looks like with one couch and nine kids :)

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Kelly Neisen said...

We ditched cable in October. We use Netflix and Hulu Plus (were paying for them even with cable) and Amazon Instant Video as hubby is Prime member. We found a way to stream hockey. Going well for us too.