Today I am thankful for... (#15, #16, #17)

#15)  I am thankful for our children's ministries at church.  The kids have an opportunity, mid-week, to spend time with their friends, play games, and most importantly, learn about our great God and Savior.  Opportunities to hear about God's nature and His love for us, as well as learn verses and "hide them in their hearts", warms my heart.

#16)  I am thankful that Phoenix has slept better the last several nights.  Even though he was sick and slept most of the day yesterday, he slept all night last night as well!

#17)  I am thankful for our family doctor.  She respects our opinions, and shows genuine care for our family.  She is willing to squeeze one more in when I already have two kids scheduled, and is always answering questions regarding other family members when we are there for another.  Today we get to see her for well-child checks for two kids and wart removal for another.  The kids even love going to the doctor!  They get excited when I say it's their turn. :)

I had parts of this post written in my head over the last few days and they were composed so much better than this post!  My brain is somewhat scattered... please excuse the poor example of writing. ;)

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