Today I am thankful for... (#24, #25, #26)

#24)  I am thankful for the God-given ability to provide all the nourishment my babies need.  I have had the blessed experience of doing this 9 times, with each child nursing anywhere from 8 months up to well over a year.  I even had one "baby" (over 24 months old) who stopped for a while and then started again for a few months after a new baby arrived.

#25)  I am thankful for the unique experience of delivering 4 of my babies in our home.  It's one of the things that makes leaving this little house bittersweet.  I wouldn't change that for the world!

#26)  I am thankful that Tim had an idea he had wondered about for a while which actually worked when put into practice... After church today we stopped to pick up pizza.  On our home Tim stepped on the brakes for a red light and the van began to slide.  There was a mini-van already stopped ahead of us.  Knowing we'd never stop before hitting them, Tim threw the van in reverse and hit the gas.  The tires spun crazily and eventually stopped our forward momentum... about an inch from the mini-van's bumper.  I'm fairly certain the occupants of the other vehicle were blissfully unaware of what almost happened.  I told Tim I was glad that the first time he tried it, it worked! ;)  Now, let's hope we never have to use that particular method again!!

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Trisha Szczodroski said...

Wow!!! Quick thinking you guys!!!!