Today I am thankful for... (#9)

I'm thankful that we have a large van big enough for the whole family.  Even if we grow by a few more we'll still fit since we have one seat currently removed to allow for cargo space.  We were able to remove the foremost seat so there is room, in wet or cold weather, for everyone to get inside and then find their seats while protected from the elements.  Of course if we're camping that doesn't work... I thought I posted about this, but went back through the archives and didn't find it.  Maybe it's in my drafts (or maybe it's just still in my head!)?  Here's a couple pictures of the cargo space when we went camping this summer -- there was even cooler in the way that had to be removed every time the kids exited/entered the van. LOL

She's beastly, and not all that pretty (getting a lot rustier by the year), but she gets us around.  Now if we could figure out how to improve traction in snowy/icy conditions... there has been more than one occasion (several just recently) when we've had to make the decision to stay home rather than attend an event we've committed to.  When you spin your tires just trying to leave the driveway it's generally a good sign you should just stay home!  Currently we are looking at snow tires, so maybe next year it'll be a bit better?

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