Today I am thankful for... (#19, #20, #21)

#19) We had another showing on our house yesterday afternoon.  We found out about it on Saturday night, so had the opportunity to clean on Sunday.  It's always interesting getting everything done with the bigger boys gone... But, we managed to get it all done.  The showing was at 2pm which worked perfectly as we had to pick Alex and Chase up at the church around 2:30pm upon their return from Blizzard.  Our realtor feels the showing went well, and now we are just waiting to hear if anything comes of it.

#20)  I am thankful that we were blessed with good neighbors.  I'll miss them when we move!  During the winter we don't see them much, but during the summer it's always fun to chat with them in the backyard.  In the 11 years we've lived here there have been some changes in a few of the houses, but all of our neighbors have been friendly.  I know that's not always the case!  No one is noisy.  No one complains about our kids (though they often ARE noisy ;).  One house has boys near the same age as Alex and Chase.  Having met some of the neighbors in what will be our new neighborhood, I am hopeful that we will continue to have positive neighbor experiences.

#21)  While naps/daytime sleep seems to be an issue lately, I'm thankful that Tempe sleeps well at night.  There is usually a 6 hour stretch followed by a 3 hour stretch, and then one more stretch of 1-3 hours.  The other night she even woke up once briefly (about 5 minutes) but then put herself back to sleep!  Nighttime sleep has been an issue aver since Levi joined the family  EIGHT AND A HALF YEARS ago... It's nice to finally get some sleep again. :)

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